“Locating and understanding the self is a journey in its own right. On such a journey much is revealed about the various characters that impact each situation and circumstance. There is, ostensibly, luggage that is carried. Luggage takes on many formats and guises and in my assessment of my own journey, my most significant luggage is that of thirteen Others. In this regard, I am one but yet many. Therefore, my work has been a multifaceted exploration of these Others that are external to myself. Through the use of fibrous material and objects in relation to the Other, I explor the impact and intrusion of the Other on the self, and also the reverse.” more…

Katrina Coombs is a Jamaica-based textile artist. She was born in Jamaica and studied at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, the premier visual arts training institution in the English-speaking Caribbean. In 2008, she graduated from the college with a BFA (Hons.) in Textiles and Fibre Arts. Here her passion for fibre and an understanding of the sensitivity of threads and fabric grew beyond design and into sculptural forms. Her art has taken her from mere curiosity in creating an item from scratch to the conceptualization and formalizing of an artwork. In 2013, Coombs obtained an MFA in Creative Practice from the Transart Institute via University of Plymouth. more…



10 thoughts on “About

  1. hello katrina i’m currently attending the jonathon grant high school right here in the heart of spanish town i see that you do fiber alone but dont you do decorative arts and i also am in 11 visual arts i really want to further into knowing morer about fiber and if you know about decorative crafts also me and my friens would like to know you can email me on my yahoo oage at jestina16@yahoo.com or my school website at jonathongranthigh.com thanks alot

  2. Hello Ms Combs I’m Julisa from Mona High School and I was wondering if I could get a brief biography about you to put in my SBA

  3. Hello Miss Coombs….. I know that you’re a busy person, but I sent you an email, and I wish for you to read it. Thank you.

  4. Hello Miss Coombs! I am a 5th from student doing the CSEC exam in June 2018. I am doing the expressive form fibre and decorative arts and I would like to do by study on you the Fibre Artist please.I would like your permission to use your biography and I would like four pictures of your work along with .their credit line please.
    You can contact me through my art teacher at keizynam@hotmail.com. or my email below

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