Katrina Coombs is a Jamaica-based textile artist. She was born in Jamaica and studied at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, the premier visual arts training institution in the English-speaking Caribbean. In 2008, she graduated from the college with a BFA (Hons.) in Textiles and Fibre Arts. Here her passion for fibre and an understanding of the sensitivity of threads and fabric grew beyond design and into sculptural forms. Her art has taken her from mere curiosity in creating an item from scratch to the conceptualization and formalizing of an artwork. She later enrolled at the Transart Institute in 2011 where she completed her MFA in Creative Practice in 2013. Her current body of work focuses on the impact of the Other on the Self and is based on various Psychoanalytic theories discovered in the programme. Her interest with the Other as an object or a person, as internal or external, has led to the manipulation of subtle but yet conspicuous forms that capture both literal and metaphorical meanings. Her recent practice encompasses sculpture, photography, video and text and has been exhibited in Jamaica, Germany and the USA. Some of her major exhibitions include Question Me Black at Gallery 174 (2010), The Inaugural Rex Nettleford Arts Conference at the Edna Manley College (2011) and her first open house solo exhibition (2013).


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