Luggage of the Other Intervention, 2013

Dear Butter’s interest was simple to know what this was all in aid of and then to eat the butter in silence. It had nothing to say.

 IMG_3676 IMG_3677


Dear CD’S and Film read the letter in first person as if it was reading its own writings rather than a writing to it. It was so caught up with itself that it had not realized the message and had to read it again.

IMG_3615  IMG_3623


Dear Dried Leaves interest was in my grammatical errors, it always tries to find the errors to correct or just to highlight them. But in the end only said “this is some really heavy stuff” I know its going to come back around to bite me one of these fine days once it sinks in what I have done.

IMG_3644  IMG_3645


Dear Emptiness could be nothing else but that empty and silent as I wondered in the space searching for its presence.

IMG_3594  IMG_3630


Dear Feather was completely silent and just asked if it could have the feathers when I am done. lol typical of it.

IMG_3637  IMG_3638



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